Teens Succeed

Welcome to the West Boylston High School Teens Succeed page.
This is a photography project for Visual Communications students.

This gallery showcases the many positive things teens do in their school and community.
Topics range from community service to part time jobs to teens spending  leisure time in a positive way.


The following links lead to student projects:
Musical Theater by Amelia Herlong
Pride by Nicole Nelson
Jazziaks by Meghan Holland
Fretzel's by Sean Magarian
Boy Scouts by Michael Jameson
Boxing by Leah Lewandowski
AMRL by Tessia Ross
Babysitting by Hanna Cahn
Cheerleading by Elizabeth Lemay
a cappella by Priscilla Anand
Part Time Job by Elinda Fani
Social Justice Club by Kaitlin Elliott
Lady Lions Basketball by Elizabeth Shaw
Hooves and Hurdles by Kelsey Book
Lifeguarding by Audrey Corcoran
Play On by Allison Milliard
Root Rescue by Abbi Skagerlind
Dance by Michelle Wronski

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